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What is the Wi-Fi Phone

The SMC Wi-Fi Phone for Skype - WSKP100 is a wireless phone that enables you to make Skype calls without using a computer.

The phone allows you to use your Skype account with complete mobility: unlike other devices that must connect with a computer, the WSKP100 will work anywhere where you can find wireless Internet connections, such as: at home, work or campus, without the hassle of turning on the computer.

With the WSKP100 you can enjoy:

Free calling from anywhere in the world within the Skype network, and cost effective calling to fixed lines or mobile phones using Skype's SkypeIn and SkypeOut services. Integrated IEEE 802.11b/g wireless connectivity and an easy to configure, pre-installed, Skype User Interface making for easy configuration and use. Quality of Service (QoS) function that prioritizes voice traffic, ensuring good consistent voice quality.

The Wi-Fi Phone for Skype's color LCD display provides various status indicators and access to the menu-based interface. The illustration below shows the main screen and its elements.

Battery Status - Indicates the status of the battery.
Wireless Signal Status - Indicates the strength of the Wi-Fi network signal.
Phone Notifications - The notification icons alert you of certain events and settings.
Skype Online Status - Indicates your current Skype online status. Use the Power Key Menu to change your online status.

Online. The normal status when you are signed in to Skype.
Offline. When you are not signed in to Skype.
Do Not Disturb. You can set this status to indicate that you are busy.
Skype Me. Makes your Skype name available for anyone to call.
Invisible. Indicates to others that you are offline, but you are still signed in to Skype and can make calls.

Current Time - The current time set on the phone. You can set the phone's time and date by using the Menu to select "Settings" and then "Time and Date."
Skype Credit - Your current Skype Credit balance.
Right Soft Key Action - The action that happens when you press the Right Soft Key. Typically, the Right Soft Key cancels the last action or returns to the previous menu. From the main screen, this provides access to your Contacts list.
Left Soft Key Action - The action that happens when you press the Left Soft Key. Typically, the Left Soft Key selects the current menu item or confirms a setting. From the main screen, this provides access to the user menu.

Skype certifiedThe WSKP100 has been tested and approved to work with Skype.
Skype pre-installedThe phone comes with Skype pre-installed and is ready to use. All you need to do is setup a Skype account, enter your username/ password and connect to your Wireless network.
SkypeIn/ SkypeOut SupportMake cost-effective Skype calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide and receive incoming calls from landline and mobile phones on your Skype account.
Voicemail SupportWith the purchase of Skype voicemail, the SMC Skype phone will record a short voice message from the caller when user are away.
802.11b/g Wireless CompatibilityThe phone allows you to use your Skype account with complete mobility: with the support of 802.11g (54 Mbps) and backward compatible with 802.11b (11 Mbps), the WSKP100 will not slow down network throughput while running in a pure 802.11g (54 Mbps) wireless environment.
Easy-to-use user interfacePC-like Skype User Interface making for easy configuration and use.
Quality of ServiceThe Quality of Service function of WSKP100 will maintain exceptional voice quality in a shared wireless voice and data network by prioritizing voice to have higher priority over other data packets types, thus increasing the probability that all voice packets will be transmitted efficiently.
Advanced SecurityThe WSKP100 supports Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2) with pre-shared keys (PSK). WPA supports TKIP while WPA2, supports AES encryption. WPA, and WPA2 address some of the security risks inherent in the legacy Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol. Specifically, they provide stronger authentication and encryption than WEP.
Power Saving DesignWith an improved power-saving design, the WSKP100 can be used for a relatively long period of standby and talk time. With an extended life for each recharge cycle, the WSKP100 is available where and when you need it.
Candy Bar designdLight and simple candy bar design allows users to carry the phone wherever is needed.